CAC Palace of Praise

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Marriage is an institution ordained by God. The first wedding on the surface of the planet took place in the Garden of Eden between Adam and Eve; God was the High Priest who joined them together.

Man is expected to leave both Parents and cleave to his own wife to begin a new life pleasing to God, worshipping Him in the beauty of His Holiness, and as a Peculiar Family to show case His glory in the land of the living: also they are expected to raise children that should be taught and nurtured in the way of the Lord

There are many marriages today in which couples joined themselves togther and not God. We strongly advised never to rush into marriage, as premature courtship is dangerous, in most cases it leads to divorce hated by God the reason because it was a mismatch in the first instance, they continue to endure marriage instead of enjoying the marriage.

To escape getting hoocked with a strange woman or for a woman to ungodly husband, every Bachelor and Spinster must wait patiently on God to lead them to the right future partner, seek His face diligently, and He will never let you down; He has an appointed time for everyone to get the real Help Meet, God's time is the best time so wait for it.

{Hab 2:3}