CAC Palace of Praise

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Evening Prayers

Prayer in the name of Jesus is the Key to unlock every closed doors of greatness. "Prayer Changes Things."  Jesus Christ said, men ought always to pray, and not to faint

 {Lk 18:1} 

As a man without life, so also is a Christian without Prayer, we belief in the eficacy of prayer hence we encourage all our guests and friends visiting us online today to always pray without ceasing {1st Thess 5:17}  

Hanmah prayed and gave birth to Samuel {1st Sam 1:8-28} one of The thief on the cross prayed at the the last hour of his life and he was saved. {Lk 23:39-43} Jabez prayed, and God removed poverty from his life; he was blessed and was more honourable than his brethren. {1st Chro 4:9-10} 

Jesus our Saviour prayed, Bro Paul prayed; 

so do the apostles; they prayed for Peter and he was miraculously released from the Prison. {Act 12:5-19}. Elijah Prayed and the Lord send down the rain after three years of famine in the land {1st Kings 18:41-46} 

Our God still answer prayer. We meet every Friday of the week in the  place of prayer except the 1st Friday of the Month which is vigil, bordens are lifed, long standing blessing are released, hard and storbon mountains of problem are brought in the name of Jesus.

Fill free to join us in any of the Fridays or vigil if you reside in Miwaukee Wisconsin, or you may drop your Prayer request on our web, and the LORD shall grant your request speedily for an eventful Celebration.